For us, wedding films are all about emotion. Joy, love, laughs – all those true moments that add up to tell a story.  As part of our wedding films in Cornwall and Devon, we’ve always used extracts from the ceremony and speeches to help tell that story – and letter reading only adds to the quality of the story we can tell.

It Helps Your Wedding Video Tell a Story 

We try to tell a story with every film. Not just of the day itself (although that’s obviously a huge part of it), but also the story of the people involved.  How the bride and groom met?  What were their first impressions?  What was it like meeting the in-laws?  What do they think the future holds?

We use extracts from speeches and ceremonies to help with this.  But it’s rare that all of these bases will get covered.  This is completely fine (we’ve never been short of audio extracts to make use of!)  But it’s so nice to have it there to use!

So letters from the bride and groom, to each other, add another beautiful layer to what we can do.  Usually accompanying gifts, letter writing (and subsequent reading) is hugely emotional.  Partners recount (their version of!) how they met.  How they viewed their early years, and how the relationship has evolved. And how much they look forward to the future.  The grooms will always shed a tear, and the bride always gets a bit misty (must protect the make up!).

The big advantage of the letter reading is that you can do it in front of your bridal/groom party, or by yourself. It’s completely up to you.  And we can be nearby, or if you’re uncomfortable, we can stand right back and film from afar.  It’s the honesty of the emotion that really helps make the film!

Letters and cards make for amazing, emotional footage (Wedding video Cornwall, Devon, Somerset)

Letters and cards make for amazing, emotional footage. Oli was a trooper for reading on camera!
(Wedding video Cornwall, Devon, Somerset)


But the BIGGEST Way They Can Help your Wedding Films…

We can hear from the bride!!!  It’s quite rare for a bride to volunteer to give a speech, so we rarely hear the ladies’ thoughts on the day, and the life ahead with their new spouse.  With the letter reading, we get a great double dose – the bride’s words in her letter, as spoken by the groom, as well as the bride reading the letter she received in return.

Hearing from the bride adds to the story we can tell hugely.  And with a letter reading, it can be done in private, without any embarrassment of public speaking or display!

A Quick Example from a 2017 Cornwall Wedding Film

We’ve done letter readings a few times, but we really cracked it (ie, ‘got the best audio because Oli didn’t mind wearing a mic’!) at Oli and Cass’ wedding film last year.  Cass wrote Oli a lengthy letter, which he read, start to finish, with his groomsmen.  We heard the entire story of their relationship. Oli cried. And his groomsmen all cheered him along. It was amazing.