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Ok, so we love wedding videography and producing our wedding films – but it’s a time consuming process (45-60 hours per film roughly!). So, being honest – we don’t blog nearly enough!  During the high season, we probably won’t blog at all, but when the dust settles and we can see through the fog of editing, we’re a surprisingly chatty bunch!

We like to look back at some of our favourite weddings from throughout the year. Or we may look at a new piece of kit, or talk about a certain aspect or decision making process that comes with producing our wedding videos. We’re always happy to chat (and it’s nice to know that we’re not *always* just chatting to the empty chasm of an online world), so if there’s something you’d like to know more about – please leave a comment!

Best wedding video VENUES in Devon – Rockbeare Manor, Devon

Genuinely one of the most relaxed and friendly all in one venues we've ever filmed a wedding at, Rockbeare Manor, Devon, is simply gorgeous. Every room, spacious and elegant - with areas indoors or out, to suit the weather. Accommodation on site - and one of the most...

Best wedding film VENUES in Devon – Axnoller***

In this series of blogs we've considered our favourite wedding video venues in Devon - and this time we're looking at a beautiful 'all-in-one', Axnoller, near Yeovil. We filmed with Daniel and Zoe last year, and absolutely loved it - so much character, with lovely...

Best wedding video VENUES in Cornwall – Shilstone House***

We've been looking at some of our favourite locations for wedding videos in Cornwall and Devon - today it's Shilstone House, which is definitely of the most attractive venues in North Cornwall, with a beautiful area both outside and in.  We filmed Fred and Matilda's...

Best wedding video VENUES in Cornwall – Nancarrow Farm

One of our absolute favourite venues to film at, Nancarrow Farm is a really unique all in one - rustic, authentic and always makes for a stunning video.  It has on-site accommodation, a range of outdoor spaces and separate building for ceremony and reception.  Set in...

Best wedding video VENUES in Cornwall – Crantock Bay Hotel

One of our last wedding videos of 2019, Crantock Bay was an amazing surprise - and has quickly become one of our favourite wedding venues in Cornwall. We haven't included a lot of hotels as a part of these 'best wedding venue Cornwall/Devon/Somerset' series - because...

Best wedding VENUES in Cornwall – The Green, Cornwall

The Green is a genuinely stunning wedding video venue, in Cornwall - an all-in-one location, with loads of really interesting spaces to hold different parts of the day.  It has one of the nicest bridal prep areas we've ever filmed in, and gets a truly stunning sunset...

Best wedding video VENUES in Devon – Paschoe House, Devon

Paschoe House is one of our absolute favourite venues for wedding film in Devon - a mix of charming country aesthetics with modern convenience.  We filmed the wedding of Tabitha and Robin, the proprietors, in 2018 - and it was a stunner! Sunshine all day, two confetti...

Best wedding video VENUES in Devon – Exeter Castle, Devon

Continuing the series of blogs looking at our favourite wedding video venues in Devon, this time we focus on Exeter Castle.  A lovely location, with an option to be an all-in-one venue. Although a little more limited in terms of the scope at the grounds, there is...

Why Letter Readings Can Make Your Wedding Film Even Better (Cornwall, Devon)

For us, wedding films are all about emotion. Joy, love, laughs – all those true moments that add up to tell a story. As part of our wedding films, we’ve always used extracts from the ceremony and speeches to help tell that story – and letter reading only adds to the quality of the story we can tell.

Chris has been in hospital – but the edits continue!

Our 2019 clients have been kept updated, but for everyone else – Chris (who answers emails/messages) has been in hospital, so there may be a slight delay coming back. But one advantage of extended hospital stays – lots of edit time!

Runner Up! South West Wedding Awards (Wedding Film category)

We were so incredibly proud to have won the South West Wedding Awards in 2015, 2016 and 2017 – and although the streak may have come to an end, we’re incredibly proud to have been awarded ‘Highly Commended’ (aka, runner up) in 2018.

Our New Wedding Video Edit Station

After 30 wedding films across Cornwall and Devon in 2017, we’ve done approximately 1300 hours of editing in our tiny office-hovel. It was time for an upgrade/birthday surprise from my wife!

Saying Bye-Bye to 2017

Our first wedding video blog of 2018! We take a quick look back at the year just gone – 30 weddings, full -time Babalu films, wedding photography, corporate photography, and a new camera system. It’s been a busy year!

‘Poster Frames’ for Wedding Films on Vimeo (Cornwall, Devon)

A 'poster frame' is a single frame that will be the holding image for a wedding video Cornwall on youtube, Vimeo or Facebook, which will stay on the screen in the video player until you click play. In a world where people have literally millions of potential videos to...

Choosing Wedding Video Music

So we’re in the South West Wedding Awards 2017 (in the wedding film category) – and was hoping that our lovely brides could kindly vote for us?!

‘Highlight’ Wedding Film Only? (Cornwall, Devon)

We try to keep our wedding video (Devon, Cornwall) packages simple But recently we’ve had a number of people request bespoke packages that are as little different – principally, a discount for the removal for the feature film…

‘Colour Grading’ a Wedding Video (Devon Cornwall)

Colour grading is a huge part of our post-production work for every Cornwall / Devon wedding video. You’ve probably never heard the term before, but it happens to every film or tv programme you’ve ever watched!

Choosing Wedding Video Music

Music choice is a huge factor in wedding video production! It can complement and emotion, energy and pace. So how do we choose, and how do we make it work? (Cornwall, Devon)

South West Wedding Awards 2017

So we’re in the South West Wedding Awards 2017 (in the wedding film category) – and was hoping that our lovely brides could kindly vote for us?!

Welcome to Our New Site!

We’ve been producing wedding videos in Cornwall and Devon since late 2012 – and we’ve had the same website since day 1. Now, we’re pleased to unveil a spangly new website to show off all our latest wedding film edits!



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