Best wedding video VENUES in Cornwall – Lusty Glaze

In this series of blogs, we’re looking at some of our favourite wedding venues in Devon and Cornwall – and using some images from our wedding films, giving you an idea of some of the advantages of having your big day there. In today’s blog, we look at probably the most stunning, relaxed venue in Cornwall – Lusty Glaze.  On site accommodation, literally ON a private beach, north coast sunsets….

Lusty Glaze wedding video Cornwall

Advantages for wedding video Cornwall – All in One Venue

All in one venues have a lot of advantages for wedding films (and for everyone, really!). No wasted time driving between locations, everything relaxed and personal – having a venue all to yourself; it can’t be beat!  At Lusty Glaze, there is some cottage style accommodation that’s a 2 minute walk from the ceremony area – and this isn’t just a room (like a hotel) – this is a full mini-house.

There are two levels the marquee style exterior section (still fully protected from the elements) and an indoor area, where the ceremony takes place. And from there, it’s a 20 second walk to the sand!   Then depending on the tides, it’s a couple of minutes until you reach the water!  (check out the drone shot above!)

Lusty Glaze wedding video Cornwall

Advantages for wedding video Cornwall – Bridal Prep

Bridal prep at Lusty is lovely. Lots of rooms to get ready in, with a fairly large kitchen for main congregation.And then if the weather is good, you can spill outside!

Advantages for wedding videography Cornwall  – Ceremony

Bright and airy, it’s an unconventional layout, but it means that the bride and groom don’t have their backs to everybody. Also, in terms of filming, we and the photographer are completely invisible (we stand out of eyeline, just down the steps in the middle), we can move around (quietly) if needed and don’t drawn any attention to ourselves. But we still get a perfect shot on the bride and groom!

Advantages for wedding film Cornwall – Drinks

Assuming the weather is good (and it will be – have faith!) everybody spills outside onto the beach. It’s not private as standard, but you can choose to pay a little extra and make it so. There are games to play and it just feels like a big beach party – we love it.

Lusty Glaze wedding video Cornwall

Advantages for wedding film Cornwall  – Couples

Stunning. Beaches are always nice, but it’s not just wide blue ocean, which is obviously a theme for Cornwall – there’s a lot going on in the background. We shot so much for Phil and Holly’s wedding video! As amazing as it is in the day, it all changes at night – north coast sunsets are stunning!!

Wedding video lusty glaze cornwall sunset

Lusty Glaze wedding video Cornwall

Advantages for wedding video Cornwall – Reception

The marquee area hosts food and dancing – and it’s amazing watching the sun set while doing a fast dance! It looks stunning embedded in the cliffside. We finished at 11.30, and still felt like we could keep shooting!

Lusty Glaze wedding video Cornwall

Disadvantages for wedding video – HUNDREDS OF STEPS!

No pictures of these. All the kit was packed up. But look at the cliff behind the building in the image above – the stairs are that high!  They’re actually not that bad…unless you’re carrying 6 kit bags and have been filming for 15 hours!

Still, they’re 100% worth it – Lusty is SOOOOOO gorgeous!!!  And it taught us about the need to pack a bit lighter for future seasons 😀