Chris has been in hospital – but the edits continue!

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We’ve been keeping our 2019 clients updated if their edits have been impacted, but this is just a general service announcement – Chris (who replies to all the emails and Facebook messages) has been in and out of hospital for the last few months. He’s still working flat out editing and responding to everything – but if we’re a shade slower than normal, that would be why.  Please be patient!

Still editing relentlessly! (Between naps, haha!)

Very Bald Chris

We’ll try not to bore you with all the details, but it’s all been going on since July, and kicked off properly in September.  Chris went into hospital in the middle of the month, and came out in mid-November.  He’s home now, in relative isolation in the house!

It’s not a hugely exciting blog post – except to let you know that Chris has become a very bald man – so don’t be alarmed when you meet him for coffee (the picture on the website it pretty out of date now!).  No beard, no hair. Smooth, like a Tic-Tac.  His wife awaits to find out how on it will grow back (curly?  thicker?  ginger?!)

The beard has gone as well since. And the eyelashes! Eyebrows are staying strong!

In some cases, the edits are actually faster!

The advantage with all this isolation and hospital time – lots of editing!!!  Ordinarily, a season’s weddings aren’t 100% finished until January/February of the next year. But (for the first time since 2013), we are expecting to be done by Christmas!

However, as we’re still bouncing back and forth to hospital for checkups and additional treatments – sometimes there’s a bit of a delay.  Not long though, we promise (and still faster than most!).

Our last wedding, after the first round of treatment in mid-September. Richard and Kyrie, your edit is nearly done!