‘Colour Grading’ a Wedding Video (Devon Cornwall)

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Colour grading is a huge part of our post-production work for every Cornwall / Devon wedding video. You’ve probably never heard the term before, but it happens to every film or tv programme you’ve ever watched!


What is ‘Colour Grading’ a Wedding Video


Colour grading is the correction and enhancement of video footage (not just wedding videos!). Corrections can fix things like white balance and exposure, while ‘grading’ is often the application of a style to enhance the aesthetics and help reach the emotion you’re driving for. It is HUGELY important to wedding film production.

A professional ‘colourist’ is one of the final stages of post production in Hollywood – and it’s the same with us!  After the music and visuals are cut, we’ll apply a few grades and settle on a final look


Effect on the Wedding Film Footage 

We ‘shoot flat’ – which means that we purposefully shoot as colourless and washed out as possible, to give us maximum flexibility in post!  (This is how Hollywood movies do things as well!)

Have a look at some of the examples below….

wedding video devon cornwall colour grading
A before/after colour grading – see how much difference it makes!

In this side by side comparison you can see the saturation has been brought up, which has also brought up the lovely orange form the sunset. We’ve added back in a little contrast and then raised the shadows. The light was lovely!

‘Before and After’ Wedding Video Colour Grading

Before colour grade


Saturation lifted, blues pushed towards green, contrast added


Wedding video cornwall devon colour grade
Before colour grade


Wedding video cornwall devon colour grade
After colour grade – saturation added, pinks added to midtones and highlights, contrast added