Filming the Bride & Groom – Wedding Video Blog (Devon, Cornwall)

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Filming with the happy couple is one  favourite times during a wedding film (Devon, Cornwall)!  It’s always incredibly relaxed, and gives us a chance to capture the two of them just enjoying each others company and having fun!


Should You Be Nervous About Couples Footage?

Not at all!!!!

We promise, this part of the day is incredibly relaxed. The cameras aren’t in your face. We don’t do posing. We just let you be you!

It’s normally the gents who are a bit more nervous about the cameras. But every time, on the day, they’re completely relaxed and have a good time (just like Ross, who is in the main image!).

We like to think we get to know our wedding couples pretty well, which helps keep everything relaxed. Wherever possible, we’ll meet our couples at least once or twice before the big day and talk about what everybody is comfortable with, talk through our process and try to make sure everybody is excited about the wedding video!


How We Film It  (Wedding FIlm)

We’ll generally be with your wedding photographer, and in most cases they prefer to take the lead. But it’s a collaboration, with us both suggesting shots and trying different locations. It’s always good fun!

In terms of the technicals, we’ll always shoot with a 70-200 2.8 lens, on a monopod. The glass itself is quite big, but it lets us get right back and give you your own space (you’ll nearly forget we’re there!) – it’s a wonderful lens and creates stunning images (the main image at the top, as well as the one just below are shot with this). While the monopod means we can be really fast and mobile, reacting fluidly to what’s going on.

A great lens for filming weddings
A great lens for filming weddings – super sharp and great range

We also like to get flowing, cinematic movements. If there is just one wedding videographer, they’ll have something called an ‘Osmo’, which is a small, stabilised camera that can fit in a lens pouch and can be quickly set up for tracking shots. If there are two videographers, we’ll use a proper DSLR camera with a wide angle lens, on either a DJI Ronin or a Glidecam (we’ll do another post on the difference between these another time).

This is great for solo camera operators. They can keep it in a lens pouch while shooting with the 70-200, then quickly switch!

The mixture of the intimate, focussed long lens and the wide, grand scale wide shots works incredible well.

Examples from Real Wedding Videos (Cornwall, Devon)

Of course, on the other side of the camera, you have no idea what it all looks like! But we promise, it is always stunning!  As well as the [photos throughout the rest of the blog, below are are some examples from wedding films that we made in 2016…