‘Poster Frames’ for Wedding Films on Vimeo (Cornwall, Devon)

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A ‘poster frame’ is a single frame that will be the holding image for a wedding video Cornwall on youtube, Vimeo or Facebook, which will stay on the screen in the video player until you click play. In a world where people have literally millions of potential videos to watch online – the poster frame is extremely important in attracting people to your video and making a strong first impression.


Why is a poster frame important to a wedding video?

It’s a funny thing – it’s both very important, and not at all!  But it all comes down to this, something we’re all guilty of, and have been guilty of for a hundred years – we judge books by their covers.

**Well, admittedly, these days it’s mostly ‘Netlfix items’ or ‘App store games’, but still the point is true – we don’t even realise it, but we make judgements based on those little picture frames.  (An app store game one reported a 2000% rise in downloads upon the change of it’s poster image!)

It’s the same with videos!  We see those single images and make a snap judgement.  Which is why we always take great care when choosing a poster frame.


How do we choose a wedding film poster frame?

For every wedding film Devon we’ll export around half a dozen images straight from the timeline (this maximises the quality). These will generally be from our filming with the bride and groom, but sometimes it could be a location or group shot.

We want an image that shows a lot of things – the beauty of the day, the fun the bride and groom are having, and the love the share together. Once selected, we’ll upload them all to Vimeo and spend some (actually, a ridiculous amount) of time in selecting which one to use!

Here’s an example what we mean. These are from Will and Liselotte’s wedding at Place House (STUNNING VENUE!).  Which one would you choose?  (Answer at the end)

Wedding video poster frame devon cornwall
We love the cuddle! Liselotte looks so happy! But Will is looking away….


Wedding video poster frame devon cornwall
Will looks really happy, and the boats look amazing. But has it lost too much of the location?


Wedding video poster frame devon cornwall
Nice and natural. Will looking straight at his wife – we love it!  But the light was failing, so the foreground doesn’t pop quite as much…


Wedding video poster frame devon cornwall
Really natural!  And a very happy couple!


Wedding video poster frame devon cornwall
Sunset is the best!  We love golden hour 😀


Wedding video poster frame devon cornwall
Golden hour loveliness…


Wedding video poster frame devon cornwall
It almost looks like they’re having a picnic!


Wedding video poster frame devon cornwall
We love the coastline on this one!  And the kiss is really nice – but Will & Liselotte did so much laughing in each other’s company, it’s a shame not to see that in the poster frame….


This was a toughie! In the end we went for image 4!  We don’t really stage shots, we generally just go to an area and let the couples be themselves – but this image for us felt the most natural. Will and Liselotte were clearly having loads of fun, and they completely forgot we were even there!